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About Cindy



I have over 20 years of experience in the Health and Life Insurance industry.  I have worked for Kipp & Company Insurance, Inc, Lifewise Health Plan of Oregon, Straus & Associates, Inc. and Trillium Community Health Plan, all Oregon companies. 


My passion is working with Medicare eligible individuals, helping them understand and choose the best Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage Plan and Prescription Drug Plan.  I have done community events, seminars, direct mailings and advertising to help add to my client base.  I have joined different organizations to help network and meet new clients.  I also enjoy helping individuals and small business owners with their Health, Life, Dental and Vision products.  With owning my own business, I understand what a small business is facing in today's economy.


I have put all of my experience to work, starting Dumas Insurance Group.  I love every day that I can help individuals save money and understand what they have purchased.  My sales strategy is based on systematic person-to-person contacts through referrals, direct mail and the internet.


After the first year in business, I realized that I need to be with a larger company for product selection and carrier contracting.  I am now affiliated with The Insurance Store, Inc.  It has expanded my knowledge and product development with access to over 100 carriers.  This has been a positive experience to offer my clients more products when they are comparison shopping.  They have a dedicated team of loyal agents I have enjoyed working with.

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